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In HOTEL HELL, British celebrity chef/restaurateur Gordon Ramsay visits hotels that are experiencing financial trouble and helps owners turn them around. Ramsay travels around the U.S. to stay at bed and breakfasts, historic inns, and various hotels that are struggling to survive. After checking in to a room and trying a meal, he offers his trademark blunt observations about what he thinks is lacking. He also spends time touring the grounds, interviewing owners, watching the interaction with clients, and meeting with current and former staffers to identify the concrete reasons why the business is failing. Diamond Collection hotel inspectors are also invited to share their opinions.

Watch Hotel Hell Season 3 Episodes

S3 Episode 1: Angler's Lodge2016-05-25 11:20:50
S3 Episode 2: Vienna Inn2016-06-02 05:15:22
S3 Episode 3: Town’s Inn (1)2016-06-08 07:40:07
S3 Episode 4: Town's Inn (2)2016-06-16 14:37:40
S3 Episode 6: Brick Hotel2016-06-29 07:01:51