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LAW & ORDER: SVU centers on "the elite squad of detectives who investigate sexually based crimes" -- known as the Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department. Detective Elliot Stabler (played with barely restrained anger by Christopher Meloni) is the seasoned cop whose role is the tough-outside, tender-inside hero. His partner is Detective Olivia Benson (played brilliantly and sympathetically by Mariska Hargitay). One or the other always becomes emotionally involved with the hideous crime at hand. Captain Donald Cragen (Dann Florek, reprising the role he played on the first three seasons of Law & Order 1990-93), is the department chief overseeing the sardonic Detective John Munch (Richard Belzer). Munchs partner, Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (played by rapper Ice-T)

Crime drama Mystery

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Season 18
S18 Episode 21: Sanctuary2017-05-25 16:36:46
S18 Episode 20: American Dream2017-05-25 16:36:11
S18 Episode 19: Conversion2017-05-19 13:34:39
S18 Episode 18: Spellbound2017-05-12 14:00:38
S18 Episode 17: Real Fake News2017-05-04 14:26:31
S18 Episode 16: The Newsroom2017-04-27 10:14:38
S18 Episode 15: Know It All2017-04-06 13:34:58
S18 Episode 14: Net Worth2017-03-30 14:58:19
S18 Episode 13: Genes2017-03-23 11:47:29
S18 Episode 12: No Surrender2017-02-23 10:01:47
S18 Episode 11: Great Expectations2017-02-16 12:30:43
S18 Episode 10: Motherly Love2017-02-09 12:27:29
S18 Episode 9: Decline and Fall2017-01-19 18:42:16
S18 Episode 8: Chasing Theo2017-01-12 12:02:38
S18 Episode 7: Next Chapter2017-01-06 12:37:35
S18 Episode 6: Bad Rap2016-11-12 01:18:43
S18 Episode 5: Unstoppable2016-10-28 03:12:11
S18 Episode 4: Heightened Emotions2016-10-13 23:55:35
S18 Episode 3: Imposter2016-10-05 19:29:27
S18 Episode 2: Making a Rapist2016-09-28 22:12:57
S18 Episode 1: Terrorized2016-09-22 12:29:36
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