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@MIDNIGHT is an improv-inspired late night show in which guest comedians face off in a series of games inspired by Internet memes and videos or pictures that are trending. Each episode features three guests who must craft captions for funny photos and witty responses to questions. Recurring games ask them to translate emoji sentences, create phony Facebook statuses, and market unique craft products on Etsy. Host Chris Hardwick allots points based on the guests responses, declaring a winner at the shows end.

Comedy Game Show

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Season 14
S14 Episode 72: Dan Soder2016-05-22 20:36:55
Season 5
Season 4
S4 Episode 81: Dave Hill, Mary Holland, Joe Randazzo2016-06-21 19:33:15
S4 Episode 78: Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart2016-06-16 14:39:12
S4 Episode 77: Nick Swardson, Horatio Sanz, Mary Lynn Rajskub2016-06-16 14:33:56
S4 Episode 76: Jim Norton, Jim Florentine, Bonnie McFarlane2016-05-28 12:19:25
S4 Episode 75: Robert Kirkman, Jonah Ray, Wil Wheaton2016-05-27 11:46:47
S4 Episode 74: Fozzie Bear, John Hodgman, Kristen Schaal2016-05-26 08:36:30
S4 Episode 71: Kurt Braunohler, Janelle James, Emily Heller2016-05-19 15:31:32
S4 Episode 70: Maria Bamford, Greg Berhendt, Paul Goebel2016-05-18 16:02:19
S4 Episode 69: Cedric The Entertainer, Sinbad, Moshe Kasher2016-05-17 22:34:38
S4 Episode 68: Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar, Jon Dore2016-05-14 10:30:24
S4 Episode 67: Riki Lindhome, Rory Scovel, Jen Kirkman2016-05-13 06:18:47
S4 Episode 66: James Adomian, Hari Kondabolu, Marc Maron2016-05-12 06:54:09
S4 Episode 65: Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld, Kate Micucci2016-05-12 06:54:19
S4 Episode 64: Jak Knight, Marcella Arguello, Damien Lemon2016-05-07 06:27:30
S4 Episode 63: Tom Lennon, Ron Funches, Nikki Glaser2016-05-06 06:29:43
S4 Episode 62: Josh Gondelman, Randy Liedtke, Kyle Kinane2016-05-05 07:38:41
S4 Episode 61: Weird Al Yankovic, Scott Aukerman, Rachael Harris2016-05-04 07:13:46
S4 Episode 60: Chris Gethard, Jen D’Angelo, Aisha Tyler2016-05-03 09:47:13
S4 Episode 59: Tony Hale; Tim Simons; Reid Scott2016-04-29 06:33:15
S4 Episode 58: Anthony Atamanuik; Jimmy Carr; Sara Schaefer2016-04-28 06:53:30
S4 Episode 57: Alanna Masterson; Danny Masterson; Christopher Masterson2016-04-27 09:07:52
S4 Episode 56: Alice Wetterlund, Eliot Glazer, Adam Conover2016-04-22 22:47:25
S4 Episode 55: Episode 552016-04-22 03:42:38
S4 Episode 54: Episode 542016-04-20 16:49:56
S4 Episode 52: Annie Lederman, Mike Lawrence, Rich Eisen2016-04-18 10:17:57
S4 Episode 51: Ilana Glazer, Paul Downs, Lucia Aniello2016-04-15 07:57:01
S4 Episode 50: Carrot Top, Lamorne Morris, Arden Myrin2016-04-14 08:13:53
S4 Episode 49: Episode 492016-04-13 14:44:27
S4 Episode 48: Emo Philips, Reggie Watts, Rachel Bloom2016-04-09 03:35:11
S4 Episode 47: Keegan-Michael Key, Tiffany Haddish, Jamar Neighbors2016-04-07 20:18:12
S4 Episode 46: Randall Park, Maria Thayer, Chelsey Crisp2016-04-07 02:37:44
S4 Episode 45: Jon Daly, Emily Fleming, Matt Braunger2016-04-06 09:20:56
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