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Special Agent G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and his partner Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) are the top field agents in the NCIS: LOS ANGELES office, a special unit of the Navy charged with investigating crimes that involve members of the military. The team specializes in undercover operations that often require Callen and Hanna to infiltrate dangerous criminal gangs. The missions are dangerous, but the investigators military training (and high-tech gadgets) help them prevail no matter how grim the situation looks.

Crime drama Mystery

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Season 8
S8 Episode 24: Unleashed2017-05-15 10:30:30
S8 Episode 23: Uncaged2017-05-08 10:58:00
S8 Episode 22: Golden Days2017-05-02 11:47:52
S8 Episode 21: Battle Scars2017-04-25 11:12:14
S8 Episode 20: From Havana with Love2017-04-10 12:45:01
S8 Episode 19: 7672017-03-27 10:34:26
S8 Episode 17: Queen Pin2017-03-13 11:22:59
S8 Episode 16: Old Tricks2017-03-06 11:37:54
S8 Episode 15: Payback2017-02-20 08:57:00
S8 Episode 14: Under Siege2017-01-30 10:49:55
S8 Episode 13: Hot Water2017-01-16 12:46:27
S8 Episode 12: Kulinda2017-01-09 09:06:21
S8 Episode 11: Tidings We Bring2016-12-19 11:38:45
S8 Episode 10: Sirens2016-11-28 12:53:23
S8 Episode 9: Glasnost2016-11-21 11:52:30
S8 Episode 6: Home Is Where the Heart Is2016-11-01 02:06:52
S8 Episode 5: Ghost Gun2016-10-24 22:01:10
S8 Episode 4: Black Market2016-10-17 23:44:46
S8 Episode 3: The Queen’s Gambit2016-10-03 14:27:27
S8 Episode 1: High-Value Target2016-09-27 16:47:40
Season 7
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