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NEW GIRL stars actress/singer Zooey Deschanel as Jessica Day, a dorky but lovable twentysomething woman looking for a new place to live after she discovers that her live-in boyfriend of seven years is cheating on her. Luckily she meets three single guys -- sensitive Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), obnoxious Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and athletic Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris) -- who have a fantastic apartment and a room to rent. Adjusting to a female roommate isnt easy for the guys, but helping them get used to her is Ce Ce (Hannah Simone), Jess best friend, who also happens to be a beautiful model. Together they create a fun and rather dysfunctional family.


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Season 14
Season 6
S6 Episode 22: Five Stars for Beezus2017-04-05 12:19:26
S6 Episode 21: San Diego2017-03-29 09:36:10
S6 Episode 20: Misery2017-03-22 12:19:20
S6 Episode 19: Socalyalcon VI2017-03-15 15:04:27
S6 Episode 18: Young Adult2017-03-01 10:05:51
S6 Episode 17: Rumspringa2017-02-22 11:29:55
S6 Episode 15: Glue2017-02-08 12:12:57
S6 Episode 14: The Hike2017-01-27 12:02:25
S6 Episode 13: Cece's Boys2017-01-18 13:07:10
S6 Episode 12: The Cubicle2017-01-11 14:01:15
S6 Episode 11: Raisin's Back2017-01-04 13:06:37
S6 Episode 10: Christmas Eve Eve2016-12-14 12:13:00
S6 Episode 9: Es Good2016-12-07 12:22:12
S6 Episode 8: James Wonder2016-11-30 13:00:56
S6 Episode 7: Last Thanksgiving2016-11-23 21:18:04
S6 Episode 6: James Wonder2016-11-16 12:07:49
S6 Episode 5: Jaipur Aviv2016-10-19 22:31:48
S6 Episode 3: Single And Sufficient2016-10-05 19:28:16
S6 Episode 2: Hubbedy Bubby2016-09-28 03:40:53
S6 Episode 1: House Hunt2016-09-21 20:20:34
Season 5
S5 Episode 22: Landing Gear2016-05-11 06:40:35
S5 Episode 21: Wedding Eve2016-05-11 06:39:51
S5 Episode 20: Return To Sender2016-05-04 07:18:16
S5 Episode 19: Dress2016-05-04 06:44:29
S5 Episode 18: A Chill Day In2016-04-27 09:04:55
S5 Episode 17: Road Trip2016-04-27 09:03:49
S5 Episode 16: Helmet2016-04-20 04:07:32
S5 Episode 15: Jeff Day2016-04-20 04:03:23
S5 Episode 14: 300 Feet2016-04-13 12:30:37
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