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Matt Shade, ex-pro hockey player, teams up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse.

Crime drama

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Season 2
S2 Episode 3: The Frame Job2017-06-10 17:13:41
Season 1
S1 Episode 10: Family Jewels2016-07-29 13:03:38
S1 Episode 8: I Do, I Do2016-07-17 02:13:53
S1 Episode 7: Karaoke Confidential2016-07-08 05:49:23
S1 Episode 6: Partners in Crime2016-07-02 01:20:52
S1 Episode 5: The Six2016-06-29 02:39:46
S1 Episode 4: The Devil's Playground2016-06-29 02:40:51
S1 Episode 3: The Money Shot2016-06-29 02:41:01
S1 Episode 2: Mise En Place2016-06-03 05:32:23
S1 Episode 1: The Code2016-06-03 05:28:59
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