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The group has been on the run moving from house to house through rural Georgia for the last eight months. Carl has now become more proficient with firearms. Daryl seems to have officially replaced Shane Walsh as Rick's right hand man and Lori's pregnancy is advancing.Moving as a cohesive unit, Rick, T-Dog, Daryl, and Carl breach a house, eliminate the walkers inside, and search the place to make sure it's safe for the group to camp out there. After the search is over, the others enter the house. After a short while, everyone starts to settle until T-Dog looks out of the window and notices a group of walkers approaching. Everyone runs to the cars and they drive off.

drama Thriller Horror

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Season 6
S6 Episode 16: Last Day on Earth2016-04-04 11:24:14
S6 Episode 15: The Calm Before2016-04-09 00:16:11
S6 Episode 14: Twice as Far2016-04-09 00:14:50
S6 Episode 13: The Same Boat2016-04-09 00:13:10
S6 Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet2016-04-09 00:08:17
S6 Episode 11: Knots Untie2016-04-09 00:03:45
S6 Episode 10: The Next World2016-04-08 23:59:44
S6 Episode 9: No Way Out2016-04-08 23:58:03
S6 Episode 8: Start to Finish2016-04-08 23:56:02
S6 Episode 7: Heads Up2016-04-08 23:54:47
S6 Episode 6: Always Accountable2016-04-08 23:45:41
S6 Episode 5: Now2016-04-08 23:40:10
S6 Episode 4: Heres Not Here2016-04-08 23:39:11
S6 Episode 3: Thank You2016-04-08 23:37:48
S6 Episode 2: JSS2016-04-08 23:36:23
S6 Episode 1: First Time Again2016-04-08 23:34:27
Season 2
Season 1
S1 Episode 7: A Simple Sacrifice (1)2016-04-10 03:19:11
S1 Episode 6: TS-192016-04-10 03:18:01
S1 Episode 5: Wildfire2016-04-10 03:16:05
S1 Episode 4: Vatos2016-04-10 03:15:07
S1 Episode 3: Tell It to the Frogs2016-04-10 03:09:45
S1 Episode 2: Guts2016-04-10 03:00:47
S1 Episode 1: Days Gone Bye2016-04-10 02:58:49
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